World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – Davos 2017

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 will take place January 17-20 in Davos, Switzerland.
The Annual Meeting in Davos remains a global platform unmatched in engaging leaders from across business, government, international organizations, academia and civil society in peer-to-peer working sessions.

Responsive and Responsible Leadership is the theme driving the design of the programme, initiatives and projects of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 and it entails a deeper commitment to inclusive development and equitable growth, both nationally and globally. It also involves working rapidly to close generational divides by exercising shared stewardship of those systems that are critical to our prosperity.
Participation in the Annual Meeting is for the following communities: chief executives and chairs of companies actively engaged in International Business, political leaders from the G20 and other relevant countries and the heads of international organizations, members of academic networks and Global University Leaders Forum collaborating with spiritual and cultural leaders and representatives from important civil society, labour and media organizations, a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs represented by communities such as the Technology Pioneers, the Global Shapers Community, the Forum of Young Global Leaders and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

The objective in Davos is to engage these communities to advance multiple agendas such as:

  • The Global Agenda – To improve global governance through public-private cooperation by working in close collaboration with key international organizations and providing substantial, yet informal, input into major multilateral processes.
  • The International Security Agenda – To convene public- and private-sector leaders together with defence, intelligence and public safety experts to prepare for and respond to a rapidly changing security landscape and multiple humanitarian crises.
  • The Economic Agenda – To support multistakeholder efforts to deliver sustainable and inclusive economic development in the face of slowing growth rates, declining productivity and disruptive innovations.
  • The Regional and National Agenda – To examine in depth the social and economic transformations occurring in all regions of the world through informal interaction with over 250 political leaders on trade and investment-related issues in various national and regional contexts
  • The Industry and Business Agenda – To shape the evolution of industry ecosystems and business models, particularly in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by engaging industry leaders with their peers from government to better prepare for the future.
  • The Future Agenda – To share ideas, innovations and discoveries that will reshape global systems by engaging those at the vanguard of change from fields such as the arts, media, medicine, science and technology, as well as the next generation of future leaders.

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