WordPress Used On 1 in 4 Sites on the Web

WordPress 2015
WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, celebrated a milestone this week as his content management system is now powering 25% of all sites on the web. This news comes courtesy of a W3Techs survey, and according to Mullenweg this number should be even greater by year’s end.

The dominance of WordPress in the CMS market is amazing. The two closest competitors, Joomla and Drupal combined are used by 4.9%, less than a fifth of WordPress.

Here is the marketshare of the top 5 content management systems:

  1. WordPress 25.0%
  2. Joomla 2.8%
  3. Drupal 2.1%
  4. Magento 1.2%
  5. Blogger 1.2%

WordPress is used by some of the best known websites: Time, TechCrunch, Wired and Lifehack, to name just a few. When we split up all websites by traffic level, we see that WordPress is leading at all levels, but the market share among the top 1000 sites is significantly lower at 30.3%. Drupal (19.7%) and Adobe Experience Manager (11.8%) are the other dominant systems in that section. Note, however, that using a standard CMS is not very common among the top 1000 sites, more than 90% of them are custom developments.

We have indicators that show that WordPress is likely to grow even further. In October, 29.5% of new sites used WordPress. New sites usually show the way where the whole market is heading to.

(Source: w3techs.com)