All affected – Sécurité Routière

All affected Sécurité Routière

“L’autoroute du soleil” portrays a father’s accident that will engulf with it the lives of all his loved ones, just because he was driving too fast on holiday. The objective is to remind us that “one only regrets driving too fast once it’s too late”. As in their first two films “Onde de choc” (shock-wave) and “Perte de contrôle” (lost control), Sécurité Routière draws our attention to the irreversible consequences of road accidents on the lives of those close to the victims.

In France, one road fatality in four is due to speeding. But how many victims of life are there behind all those killed and seriously wounded in 2015? How many spouses, mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues, all devastated for life? The film for Sécurité Routière by Bruno Aveillan (Quad), with music by Mirwais, highlights this shock-wave. He asks us to become aware of it, and to change our behaviour in order to make our roads safer, for us and for those around us.

Enjoy the commercial!

Agency: La Chose, Paris
Creative Director: Pascal Grégoire
Copywriter: Charles Flamand
Art Directiors: Alexandre Fort, Guillaume Ganty
TV Production Manager: Nicolas Buisset
Country: France