League of Legends is Changing the Gaming Client in 2016

LOL 2016 UpdatesThe 2016 Season Update is coming soon, and that means big changes of epic proportions are coming to the League of Legends gaming client.

League of Legends developer Riot Games recently announced that big changes are coming to the 2016 gaming client. Here’s an excerpt from its post:

“The changes we’re making this preseason all work toward making each game of League feel unique. From the different champion strengths you bring to the items you take to battle, all the way to the masteries you choose – we want your decisions to matter and have a clear impact on how each game plays out.”
LOL 2016 Updates Champ_SelectHere’s a quick rundown of the changes to come.

  • Champion Mastery and Crafting – You can now earn champions and skins without spending IP or RP
  • Preseason Updates – Changes are coming to your favorite marksmen, along with a batch of new items, new masteries, new monsters, and new ways of getting vision!
  • New Champion Select – No more begging to get the position you want to play! Instead of having a random draft order and not getting the position you wanted, the new champion select allows you to choose two roles you prefer to play before queueing up. That way, there’s less of a chance that players get stuck with a role they don’t want to play.
  • Ranked Improvements – In an effort to encourage team-play, Riot has stated, “We believe a truly competitive ranked experience should reward a player’s ability to lead or collaborate with their teammates just as much as their ability to shut down a lane.”

In conclusion, there’s a lot of new updates coming to the new League of Legends client, which seem to be all about encouraging players to play more with friends. Filled with promotions and prizes, the 2016 League of Legends looks to be colorful and inventive. Now, we can only wait to see how these changes work out!

(Source: leagueoflegends.com)